Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Roads Make Winter Trails All That Much Better

It began snowing about October 30, and I've been able to get in at least twice a week workouts shoveling new snow. I don't remember so much snow so often. The result is that our street is getting narrower. Some of us have been able to carve out parking spots, but most of the street space is now three to four foot high berm - five or six feet wide. People are parking creatively.

After ten days of film festival, I was ready to for bit of a walk, so I took some books back to the UAA library.  Here's the biketrail/sidewalk cut out of the snow. 
Driving the last few days has been as bad as I can remember. (It could be dementia that I can't remember that well.)  The car rattles along the street.  Walking across it was easy to see why.  Lots of random ice humps.  I guess the heavy snow followed by warm followed by cold again allowed for some artistic freezing designs.  And terrible driving conditions. 

The snow plow guys must be exhausted and frustrated.  They've done a pretty good job getting our street cleared, but not picking up the snow.  And now the streets are awful. 

But walking the bike trails on campus is going off into a winter wonderland.


  1. To walk those snowy trails again! the good, cold, clear-sky days walking in winter... the crisp bite of air in my nose, the sounds of snow under foot.

    All memory now. To feel this I'd have to fly to northern Norway, Sweden or Finland. But this said, it's not bad to have green plants growing outside in London this time of year. I like both. Maybe I'm biozonal (bi o zone al).

    Can you do that in Anchorage?

  2. Hah! Those spruce are green under the snow, and it's 37˚F on our back yard thermometer now, so that snow will slide right off.


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