Friday, December 02, 2011

AIFF 2011: David Andrade on Nuts For Pizza and Making an Internet Collaboration Film

Nuts for Pizza is one of the animation films in competition for an award at the Anchorage International Film Festival that begins today, Friday, December 2.  David Andrade, the director, isn't going to make it to Anchorage - work deadlines - but we were able to connect via Skype Thursday evening.  And I got to try out Call Recorder, a software that allows you to record your Skype conversations.

In researching the animated films, I found out that Nuts for Peanuts was an internet collaboration.  32  people were involved in the film, many doing just one small part to move the film along, recruited via the internet on CG Chat.  You can see David's recruiting post from July 2010 here.

In the video David talks about the story for Nuts for Pizza, doing the film via collaboration,  and I asked him to talk a bit about the difference between hand-drawn video and computer generated video.  He also talks briefly about his current job working as video-game animator in San Diego.  Finally he tells us he wants to come to the Anchorage festival next year.

Using Skype to interview folks has lots of possibilities, but it also has its challenges. For one thing, you have more time and end up with a lot more video and thus need to do a lot more editing. Second, the audio and the video didn't come out synched and I had to extract the audio in iMovie and move it a bit. It's pretty close but not perfect.

Wednesday night I interviewed another animation film maker - Nayeem Mahbub. His film is in Bangla (the language of Bangladesh) but he was in Nairobi, Kenya for the wedding of a good friend. We had a fascinating chat about the meaning of this film in the Bangladeshi film world. But the video quality is terrible. Bad enough I don't have to worry about the audio/video synch. I can't take too much time to edit it because the festival begins tomorrow. So I'll try to get it up tomorrow.

Nuts for Pizza and Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens both are part of the "Animation World-Wide" program (link goes to the schedule) which plays four times over the festival.

Day Time Venue
Sunday Dec 4 12 pm Alaska Experience

Tuesday Dec. 6
7pm Out North
Friday Dec. 9 7:20 pm Alaska Experience
Saturday Dec 10 6pm Out North

Both these short animations come to the festival with previous festival awards (as do others) so this will be a highly competitive group.  For more, see my previous post on the animated films in competition.

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