Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AIFF 2011 - Peter Pasyk's Dueling Posters in "The Pole"

[The Anchorage Film Film Festival ended Sunday, Dec. 11, followed by three more days of Best of the Fest. I'm trying to put up video I didn't get to during the festival.]

I got to see The Pole as part of the supershorts before the Awards Dinner/Ceremony Sunday Dec. 11. Then I met the director, Peter Pasyk, and got him briefly on camera. I don't know about Peter, but I was getting tired and I used up most of my questions on other folks. Thanks Peter for putting up with my camera in your face with grace and humor and not too big a smirk.

The Pole
is a nice super short which shows the competitive spirit of two young men who work putting up posters on Toronto street poles.  I can see it as a case study in a business or public administration class.  It raises lots of questions about free enterprise and government regulation. The fact that I was totally absorbed in the story suggests that he did all the technical stuff just right. I didn't even think about it.

The Pole could also be a nice metaphor for the US Congress today.
 The young men get so caught up in their short term goals, they lose all perspective and start engaging in self-defeating behavior in an attempt to out do each other. They pause and try a little cooperation, but that quickly falls apart too. If I were a better journalist, I would have asked him about whether he had intended this to be lesson for more than pole posters. If I remember correctly, he said this stemmed from personal experience.

Here's a clip of the movie from the YouTube site of the musicians Freres Lumieres.

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