Sunday, December 11, 2011

AIFF 2011: JT Hood, Workshop Participant, Tells Us About His Stuff

[Here's Sunday's schedule.]

Just after Travis Betz's workshop ended I got a chance to ask one of the younger and more inquisitive members of the group some questions.  I think the chance for young film makers to hear real film makers talk about their trade and to be able to ask questions is a great opportunity we get from the film festival.  We're going to see JT's videos at the festival before long I'm sure.  He stayed for Richard Cunningham's workshop too. 

[I'm not as careful about getting names of people I catch on video as I ought to be.  I figure they're agreeing to talk to me. And if they have a problem, I'll take it down.  But kids are different. JT was there with his grandfather and I got his permission to post the video.]

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