Friday, December 16, 2011

Esther Hong: Transformation of Canvas

There's a little art gallery next to the entrance of the UAA library and it had a wonderful exhibit when I went by yesterday: 

Transformation of Canvas.

I didn't get the title at first. 

I just knew it was cool.

The one above is from the one just to the left.

I just fell in love with the texture, the designs, the muted colors, the imagination, and the perseverance.

Then in the center of the room I saw this canvas covered 'bench' with a video screen of two hands pulling off threads from  . . . a piece of canvas.  And there were pieces of canvas and the little tool she was using there for me to do the same.  And that's when I got it.  Transformation of canvas.

December 16 is the last day of the exhibit.  That's today.  Friday.  At UAA near the entrance to the Consortium Library.  Parking is free on Fridays.

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