Friday, December 30, 2011

Lake Otis Sidewalk/Bike Path Ends, Forcing Me Into The Street

Finally running again yesterday, I decided to bike to an evening meeting that wasn't far off.  The bike path along Lake Otis was cleared, a little messy with loose snow, but doable if you like adventure.  I can understand why some cyclists move into the street. 

But then I got north of Northern Lights.  Cross the first street and then the trail/sidewalk abruptly ended.  It just stopped and there was a big pile of snow.  I thought maybe the trail would pickup again. 

But no, there was a 2-3 foot high berm the rest of the way with one set of six inch deep footprints on top. 

There was no other place for pedestrians or bikes except the street. 

Lake Otis and Tudor is one of the busiest intersections in town.  This is less than a mile north of there and there's no place to walk or bike except the street. 

When the traffic light back at NL was red, there was a pause in the traffic where I was.  I slipped into the street and went down the hill, past the Chester Creek bike trail, then up the hill.  At least my rear bike light was flashing so the cars knew I was there when the light changed and theycaught up with me. Fortunately the traffic was light enough that they could all pass me in the left lane.  At the top of the hill I turned right into the neighborhood where I was headed. 

Snow plowing started out fine this year, but quickly deteriorated.  I know there's been a lot of snowfalls - there's another inch this morning.  But this is a major street and pedestrians shouldn't be forced into the streets. 

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