Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brilliant Stairs to Kitchen Homicide - Imaginations Pushing the Ordinary

I'm a sucker for things that cause my brain cells to shift.  So here are a few links to websites that do that.

For example, stairs are pretty straightforward.  Almost all are basically the same.  There is some variation, like spiraling staircases, but the idea has pretty much been exhausted, right?

Well look at the 20 sets of stairs offered at Mdolla to remind you that there's always a new way to conceive of something we take for granted.  Like these on the right.

I don't think you could legally put these in a house in Anchorage. 

  Divine Caroline makes us revisit logos to make sure we've seen the whole logo, like the images in the empty spaces in this logo for the Pittsburgh Zoo.  There are 15 examples, some I see every day, but don't really see, like the hidden symbol in the Fedex logo.  Do you know what's there?

A Crazy Bag of Hammers gives a sampling of these ordinary objects bent-wired into about 20 mini-dramas like this apparent kitchen homicide.

And it's well worth your while to go to Bent Objects itself for more and varied brain candy like a poster for any billionaires planning a protest.


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  2. More stairs than you care to look at:


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