Friday, December 09, 2011

AIFF 2011: How Do Actors Deal With Sex Scenes? Garrett Swan Explains After The Casserole Club

I talked to co-producer and actor in The Casserole Club after the showing last night.  The was about five couples who had casserole dinners together in the late 1960s, that included a lot of alcohol, which led to clothes coming off and various couplings.  Not everyone in the movie did this voluntarily and there were regrets among many.  I asked Garrett, since the characters had problems with this, how did the actors handle it?

The movie wasn't very satisfying for me and after a night's sleep, I think it's because I simply didn't get to know any of the characters well enough to understand their underlying malaise or why they participated in something they didn't really want to do. I may have gotten more insight into why they participated from the movie I saw before Casserole - Lesson Plan - which looked at peer and other pressures on high school students to join an exclusionary club.  It was a lesson to help them understand why people joined the Nazi party. 

You can judge for yourself. The Casserole Club plays again today at Out North at 7pm.  

Other good movies to choose from today include:

Amigo - This is a special selection (not here for competition) directed by well known director John Sayles.  It's about the American presence in the Philippines after the Spanish American War.  It will make the third movie I've seen this week that takes place in the Philippines.   8pm at the Bear Tooth.

The Flood - An Israeli movie about a family whose mentally disabled son is coming home when the institution he's in shuts down and how the family copes.  A strong film. 
8:30 at Alaska Experience Theater

Animation World Wide- This collection of animated films includes all those in competition.  This is, in my mind, the strongest category of films.  Every one has something original in it.  And near the end you get to see Year Zero which I found to stand out.  But others like Something Left Something Taken are also special.  I've got interviews with several of the film makers up (see my overview of videos of film makers here and my overview of animated films in competition here) and I believe that the creator of Year Zero, Richard Cunningham, will be there tonight. 
7:20 at Out North

Kinyarwanda - A solidly good movie about Rwanda that focuses on the healing. Out North at 10pm

Click here for today's whole schedule

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