Thursday, December 08, 2011

AIFF 2011: LA Film Makers With Anchorage Based Movie - Jill Jones and Brent Yontz

I caught Brent and Jill Tuesday night at the Bear Tooth after Moon Point.. They're up from L.A. with their Anchorage based story. It's in the Snowdance Program Thursday - details below. [A comment below suggests it was filmed in Anchorage, but not intended to actually be Anchorage specifically.]

Snowdance Program
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011 - 
Out North Theatre - Main

My Offering | T Scott 2011
Bike/Ski/Raft Denali Traverse | 2011
Chablis | Slavik Boyechko 2011
Change | Michael Burns, Dean Q. Mitchell 2011
Nanuq | Jill Jones 2011
My Six (Known) Brushes With Death | Peter Dunlap-Shohl 2010
The Way | Kelly Gwynn, Jay Rapoza 2011
Eyes for Amber | Kyle Murphy 2011
Hell Yeah | Claudio Oakley 2011

I was a little concerned when I learned they did a movie set in Anchorage without ever having been to Anchorage.  But their short film is really about the little girl and her connection to Nanuq and the live action is all in the hospital.  (They gave me a DVD so I could see it.) The shots out the window are ok.  The parts that distort Anchorage badly are animated dream sequences and anything can happen in a dream. [UPDATE:  See comment below that says dream sequence wasn't intended to portray Anchorage, but stylized winter setting.] The film itself is believable and the acting is fine.


  1. We would like to clarify that the dream was not set in Anchorage and serves as a stylized, winter environment for the film.


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