Saturday, December 10, 2011

AIFF 2011: The Dead Inside - Travis Betz and Year Zero -Richard Cunningham

Year Zero showing at workshop today
I spent all day at two Film Festival workshops. The afternoon workshop was Animation with Richard Cunningham's workshop and video. I'll do more on the workshop later. 

The Animation group is showing at 6pm at Out North, and if you haven't seen it, GO!  I think this is the strongest category at this year's festival and I think Cunningham's Year Zero is the best film in the festival. (My opinion, take it for what it's worth.)  It has a look and feel that, for my Anchorage eyes, is original and spectacular.  Watching the whole thing for the second time today it was even better.  The sound too is amazing.  And the detail.  This is, for me, great animation.  But everything else in the program is good too. 

World Animation
6:00 pm
Out North
Today - Saturday Dec. 10

All the animated films in competition are in the second half of the show, so you can get there late and still see enough to be worth while.  Year Zero is almost at the end.

Travis Betz did the first one.  I have lots of video on my sound card, but there's no way I can edit it before I leave for more festival.  We saw various examples of work he's done and discussions of how it was made and how YouTube was helpful in getting an audience and making contacts.  The movie tonight is The Dead Inside.

Today (Saturday Dec. 10)
The Dead Inside
Bear Tooth

[Portrait from Travis' business card.  
You can compare that to what he looks 
like on the video.]

It's a zombie musical.  We saw the trailer.  This is real film festival stuff - a young, hungry, passionate film maker who's made a low budget film and one day you'll be able to say, Yeah, I saw The Dead Inside when he was unknown in 2011. 

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