Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chinese Television - Amazing Acrobats

When we lived in Beijing for 3 months we watched a lot of CCTV (Chinese Central Television). There's even an Engish channel you can listen to. I didn't see a live feed, but there are lots of programs to watch in English. So when this one popped up the CCTV was familiar. This particular example of Chinese acrobatics is pretty exceptional though. Amazing. Trust me on this - just hit the play button and watch 20 seconds before you move on. 

It shows what humans can do if we really put our minds to something. But I also know that these kids led a pretty rigid life practicing mercilessly to be able to do this. The movie Mao's Last Dancer offers a look at kids being groomed to be ballet dancers. The trailer only shows a bit of that training. The movie itself was very worthwhile watching.

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