Friday, December 23, 2011

Elves Clear Snow - Thank You!

It snowed yet again last night.  It was coming down heavily in very tiny light snow.  And the weather forecast on the radio suggested it had continued all night.  Nine or ten inches they said.

But when I looked out this morning to see how much I had to shovel, I saw that our driveway and street in front had already been cleared.  I'm guessing the elf came in the guise of our neighbor Roy.  So thanks.  I'll go out and look for you today to say it in person. 

Roy and I have seen a lot of each other this year as I'm out shoveling my driveway and he's with his snow blower clearing a long stretch of street where people park across the street.  Ten days ago I got this shot when he came over and cleared in front of my car parked out front after I'd done the driveway and part of the street in front.

Thanks Roy.  It's great having good neighbors.  And great snow.  And if it was someone else, thank you!

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