Tuesday, December 06, 2011

AIFF 2011: Total Drama's Chris McLean Alter Ego Christian Potenza Talks About Moon Point

 Walking out of The Wedding Party  I ran into Christian Potenza.  How could I miss him with his wild hat and goggles?  It turns out this Canadian from Toronto is the host Chris McLean on the Canadian online animated reality show Total Drama.  

Image from Total Drama

He's in Anchorage for the showing of the film Moon Point,  which he co-produced. He also acts in it.    But let him tell you himself in the video.  Director Sean Cisterna is also in the video.  He also has some nice words for The Wedding Party which we'd just seen.

Moon Point plays at the Bear Tooth Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 8pm. Followed by the Canadian Consulate's reception.  It plays again Wednesday Dec. 7 at Out North at 7pm.

For more information check Moon Point's official website.

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