Friday, December 09, 2011

AIFF 2011: Break Back Skiing, Learn Again - The Movement, Sat in Anchorage, Sundance Later

How much can I get into one title?  I left out the rest of the title (One Man Joins An Uprising).  I talked briefly with film maker Greg Hamilton who was particularly excited about being notified last week that the film was accepted at Sundance.

I don't know much more than what he told me in the video below.  It plays tomorrow (Saturday) at the Wild Berry Theater (down the road from the Peanut Farm on Old Seward and International Airport Road).  This is a great little theater.  I've seen live plays there, but never a movie.  2pm.  The film is about a skier who has to relearn to ski - in a skichair - after breaking his back.  I think this is the third festival it's shown been shown in.  They submitted a rough copy but tomorrow the final cut will be shown.

But get it straight from Greg:

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