Sunday, December 04, 2011

AIFF 2011: Busy Sunday

A couple of minutes before The Flood so I'll just put up the pictures with minimum text.

The film maker forum at Out North at 11 am brought together some of the film makers here at the festival. 

 We saw the Stan Lee Story but no pics.  Afterward film maker Yuki Ellias (on the right in front) watched herself as they tested her film before the audience came in.

 The warm 40˚F weather and rain made the Out North parking lot a mess.

Then over to the Alaska Experience theater - Jorge and Nicole are in the upper left to watch their film In the Shadow.

Then for the Q&A.

Then back to Out North to see Apartment in Athens which started out to be the best film I saw today, but there were technical difficulties and the dvd kept stopping.  Here
s the technician trying to fix it.

More later.

Gergely Wootsch

[It's later, The Flood was good, we also got to see Gergely Wootsch's animated short, This is Not Real,  before The Flood.   I was at the Bear Tooth and hadn't eaten since breakfast and they brought my food just as Gergely's film started.  I loved the look, but I need to see it again, uninterrupted.

When The Apartment in Athens was shut down (it was a PAL format on the PAL machine at OutNorth, and they got a second disk, but it did the same thing about 15 minutes into the film - it just kept stopping.  So I went to the other screening at Out North and saw the last three in the short Horror program.  I wasn't too impressed until the last one - The Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens.   Maybe I'm biased because I interviewed the director, but I liked it a lot.  The visuals were great and the story was fun.]

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