Monday, December 12, 2011

We Had A Little Snow

Looking out our bedroom window this morning:

The Super Shorts programer took some film makers to Whittier yesterday and said her SUV was blown nearly off the highway a couple of times. It was raining in the morning when we headed for our first films yesterday. 
We had breakfast at about 2:30pm downtown at Hot Stixx - a place I really wasn't even aware of. It's replaced the downtown deli and the vegetable medley with eggs was better than most vegie omelets I get in restaurants. The vegies weren't mostly raw and it was served in the cast iron frying pan it was cooked in. It was raining when we walked over from the Alaska Experience Theater after watching Allensteig, but there was already this much snow before we got our meal.

They actually closed the Anchorage Schools today - but the University is open and the airport is supposed to be on regular schedule.

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