Monday, December 26, 2011

From "Braile Tattoos" to "jesus of course i accept people with pierced bodies cartoon" - More Google Searches

Here are a few terms people used to get to this blog that caught my attention in the last couple of months for one reason or another.

diminutive crony -  Is this like a Leprechaun lobbyist?  The person got to the post on Cronyism at UAA. 

I got enough searches for this that I looked to see why.  It was part of clue #2 in the Independence, Kansas Neewholah Medallion scavenger hunt.  Here are the clues (regular font) with the answer in the bold font:
Allan and Mikael sang in this band,
the song was a big hit.
Two singers for the Hollies – “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”
A diminutive crony, they lent him a hand,
“He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”
the first two lines provide the fit.
It’s a long road, with many a winding turn.

Diminutive Crony = My Brother?  That's a stretch, but it's a great, old song that people should listen to today when so many of our brothers (and sisters) need a little help. So I put it here on top so you can listen while you read the rest of the post.

The medallion was found:
LOCATION: Taped underneath a big green dumpster. Adjacent to the parking lot at the 10th street baseball/softball fields 

jesus of course i accept people with pierced bodies cartoon - they got to a photo of the cover of Gary Trudeau's book The Long Road Home.   But I want to see the Jesus cartoon.

utozombiesbra - This one got to a post on when the first Permanent Fund Dividend check was due out in 2010.  Searching the page found 'uto' in statutory and 'bra' in librarian, but no zombies.  The word vampire did appear though. 

ant egg oil reviews -  I didn't know people were using ant egg oil.  For cooking?  For driving?  This searcher got to the post Catching Up- Thai Bugs, which included a photo of a baggie full of red ant eggs - a delicacy for a Thai friend in Chiangmai. 

is there farsi book shop in london - This got to a post from LA which included a visit to a Persian book store.

blurk for newborn baby - Got to Baby Burke Brouhaha. But what's a blurk? The Urban dictionary offers two meanings that don't fit:
  1. Popular, conventional wisdom which may be factually right or wrong, but which loses meaning through frequent, often thoughtless repetition

    "Tommy never thinks for himself. He just repeats these blurks that he hears all day on CNN and then tries to pass it off as wisdom.

  2. to spew, chuck, or to throw up.

    when something is disgusting 
Maybe it was just a typo.  Maybe someone whose vocabulary includes 'blurk' can clarify.

wooden post old timey pig pen - Not too many people say 'old timey' these days. [Actually, since I wrote this, I've started to notice it again.] It's cool when the kind of word someone uses amplifies the meaning of the word itself. And this searcher got to a post (no pun intended really) with an old wooden pig pen in Thailand.
Someone else 20 minutes later got there with natural pig pen which worked, but just didn't have the same ring.

I've been noticing that sometimes two folks get to the same post, one after the other, seconds apart. Does someone clicking on a link cause Google to push that post higher for the very next person who searches for the same or a similar term? For example:
what do i know (from Toronto at 9:26:26am Alaska Time) came right on the heals of explain the quote "what do i know" (from Alexandria, VA at 9:26:25am). But messing up my speculation here (or maybe there's even more going on than I know) the first one came from Bing and the second from Google. This is probably a bad example because the second one got the post with the Victor Lebow quote and the second to the main What Do I Know? page. Or maybe that's evidence that it's just coincidence.  But I've been seeing this pattern lately.

braille tatoos - Never thought about this, though I have thought that surgeons should learn how to make artistic stitches so that the scars they leave have a cool design. This searcher got to a post on braille playing cards.   I'd also note that tattoo has 3 t's, but bloggers who misspell words pick up readers who misspell them too.

what if i didn't get my alaska permanent fund check yet - This one came October 22 from Las Vegas.   The checks were distributed October 6.  But the website also says, "Applications in eligible status after September 23 and before October 21 will be distributed October 27."  So it may still be coming.  But searches like this stir my imagination. How many stories can you create to explain this inquiry? An Alaskan living Outside? Visiting Oustside? Former Alaskan hoping to get one more PFD check? Or a gambling addict waiting for his check? Lots of possibilities.
BTW, the searcher got to a 2010 post on the PFD, not the 2011 post.   Neither would have answered the specific question.  But this gave me a chance to respond to an overlooked question from Kathy in KY.

how many black us congressmen have been members of the us congress - My snarky answer: All of them. Sorry, I just can't help myself. This is not a biggie, but it shows how people can't quite say what they mean. But Google has a lot of tolerance for such people  and this person got to my post on the number of black congress members. Did you want to know about black Congresswomen too?
For those of you who have no idea what I find wrong in the query, leave a comment or email me and I'll explain.

modern office lobbies with taxidermied animals - This was an image search which gave them this picture and highlighted this sentence from the post "Providence Alaska Medical and Animal Park" : "Some places have stuffed moose or bear in the lobby."

This is indeed an office building lobby, but the moose isn't in a glass case.  This is Anchorage and the moose is live,  outside, browsing the landscaping.

andropi -  Do you think they were looking for entropy?  In any case the got the post Happy Birthday, Moni, Alex, and Ropi see the andropi?).  Probably not what they wanted.  It said North America, on a computer using US - English and Linux but in a European time zone. (Yes, Sitemeter tells me all that, and usually the city and country too.)  While computer time in Sitemeter is usually a good clue to the visitor's location when location itself is 'unknown', it reflects the timezone set on the computer.  So, when I'm traveling, my computer still reflects Alaska time.

what to google when you cant sleep Why not?  You can find everything else on google.  This person got to a previous google search post "those nights when you can't sleep, it might be bacause you're awake in someone else's dream film" - More Google Search Terms which had gotten that person to a post on the movie Inception.

what is the name of the flower you blow on it and everything little whote thing come out when you make a wish - Google got this person to an archive page.  If the searcher scrolled down long enough, she would have gotten a picture of a dandelion flower gone to seed and an explanation about making wishes.  Not bad Google.  But why didn't you just take the person straight to the dandelion post instead of the whole archive page?

owl to put in tower -  What does this mean?  Is this some sort of Harry Potter reference?  This person got to this picture of a great horned owl up close at the July 4th celebration on the park strip post.  There was also a climbing tower in the post.

frank "the tank" sullivan has acquired 38 plates at the flying saucer - Here's another good example of how one could use Google search terms to write short stories. Clearly there is a story behind this. Google gave him an archive page (August 30, 2011 back to Aug. 17) which includes the words: Frank (Murkowski); tank (underground storage); plates (license); and flying saucer (house). The number 38 is on the page too.

how do you eat them orchestras - Who knows what this person was thinking?   He got to a post about an orchestra that makes its instruments out of vegetables.  I guess Google did about as well as could be expected.

2012 number missouri delegates republican convention  - Google got this person into the vicinty, but should have taken him to the exact page. This person got sent to the blog, but not to a specific page.   I'd done a post recently on the Republican primaries and the possibility of selecting their candidate at the convention specifically answered this question.  I'm not sure if the searcher found it.  If he searched 'Missouri' on the page, he should have found it.

That's it for now, for previous such pages click here.


  1. Some folks expecting to receive a PFD check had it garnished! If they owed court fines, child support, student loan payments, or the IRS, or if a creditor filed a judgement for garnishment with the District Court, some or all of the PFD could have been sucked away before the checks were printed.


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