Sunday, December 11, 2011

AIFF 2011: Sunday Tips and I'll Live Blog Awards at 5pm

There's lots to see today.  Here's a link to the Sunday schedule.  I suggest going to "Print Schedule," (light blue)  then in the drop down window hitting "Print Filtered Schedule" which will get you just Sunday.  It's a little more than a page.

11:00am - Living River - a movie on the Ganges in India.  Out North (Haven't seen it) I might get to this if I can post fast enough. 

11:45am - Give Up Tomorrow - Alaska Experience - a very compelling Filipino film on a criminal misjustice.  I saw this one, it's very good.  A contender for best documentary.  Focuses on Paco who has 40 witnesses he was in Manila at the time of the murder in Cebu.

12:00 Shorts 3 Program:  Native Tongue - Out North - I'm headed to this for sure.  They're are four films - Japanese, Belgian, German/South African, and Korean.  I'm not sure about the title of the program.  It looks like they aren't in English.  But I haven't seen enough shorts yet and this one fits in my schedule.  Check out more yourself here.

1pm Allensteig  Alaska Experience Theater - This is one of the documentaries in competition about a German military base.  It says:
A portrait of the Allentsteig military training area, the last blank spot on the Austrian map. The Nazis evacuated 42 villages-driving more than 7000 people from their homes-to set it up in 1938. Allied forces and the Austrian state continued to use the facility after the WWII. Today, residents of the adjoining village live happily along the soldiers, so long as no shells land nearby.
An appropriate film for a military town like Anchorage.   I'll probably leave Native Tongue early to go see this one.

2pm Smoking Fish Out North - This is an Alaskan documentary.  Sounds interesting.
Cory Mann is a quirky Tlingit businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau, Alaska. He gets hungry for smoked salmon and nostalgic for his childhood. He decides to spend a summer smoking fish at his family's traditional camp. It's a story of one man's attempt to navigate between the modern world and an ancient culture.
 2pm Corridor Alaska Experience Theater - Horror buffs should go.  I saw this the other night late.  It's a group of young men meeting at the cabin in the snowy woods in Canada for the first time since one of them went mental and stabbed another in the group.  He's on meds now.  But the others aren't.  And there's strange stuff happening in the woods.  I don't normally like horror flicks, but this was had believable characters and some clever plot twists.  I left after the scalping, but I really wanted to know what happened. 

3pm Shorts 4:  Dark Reflections - Out North - look it up.  (despite the 4, there are only 3)

3:30pm Super Shorts 2:  The Hipsters Almanac - Alaska Experience - I'm headed for this one.  Check Details here.

4:30 Cast Me If You Can - Out North -  a Japanese film about an actor.  A comedy I'm told. Details.

4:30 Short Documentaries:  On the Edge  - Alaska Experience Theater -  Four shorts.  Check here.

5:00 pm  The Awards Ceremony - Organic Oasis -  I checked and they have wifi, so I'll try to live blog the awards.

8:00pm The Dish and The Spoon - Bear Tooth - Bad scheduling here.  This is a feature in competition, but it's playing the first time AFTER the awards ceremony.  I mentioned this to Tony.  Then I said, "How can you do the Audience Favorites when the audience hasn't seen one of the films yet?"  The Feature favorites may be delayed until Monday night. 

Monday night you ask? 

There's more.  There will be three best of the fest nights at Alaska Experience Theater Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7pm.  More on this later.  Check the Festival Website Schedule for those days.    (Link goes to Monday, you can find Tuesday and Wednesday)

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