Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watching Eagle Harrassed by Ravens and Magpies While Running

I've been rationalizing that shoveling the driveway has been my exercise since October 30 and we've had measurable snow about every three days since then (at least that's how I remember it.)  But shoveling isn't running.  Today I cleared the snow that had accumulated on the deck.  Did some indoor tasks and the sun came out which got me itching to run.  It's a little colder than I like (10˚F or -12˚C), but I thought I should go at least on a short run.  I forgot how good it feels to run outside, even in the cold. 

I also got to see ravens and magpies ganging up on a bald eagle.

The raven is on the right above the eagle

The bald eagle, alone

And now a magpie (left) comes over to keep an eye on the eagle (right)

The sun was already covered again by the clouds at 2:30.  Official sunset was at 3:48pm - we gained, according to the newspaper, 1 minute and 27 seconds of sun over yesterday.  That may not seem like much, but at that rate, it's ten minutes in a week, and the amount we gain is increasing daily.  And for those of you wondering about sunrise - it was officially 10:15am. 

I know the photos aren't very good, I was running.  And my pocket canon powershot doesn't do distance well.  But I'm just documenting here what I saw. 


  1. Wow, I can't fathom all that darkness. No snow yet in Seattle. Sunrise today was at 7:48am, before the alarm clock rang, and sunset was at 4:26. Tomorrow we get 43 extra seconds of daylight, then 48 seconds on Sunday.

  2. Over the course of my extended hiatus here in Maine it's been interesting to see birds that are so common so as to be taken for granted in Alaska appear in this neck of the woods. Case in point being all the crows that inundate the area, and then a raven shows up at the party. Same with eagles, which seem to assume more of a special presence when seen in an isolated context in the Lower 48. Kinda like running across an Alaskan.


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