Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recycle Your Calendar: 1984 = 2012

Somehow we've hoarded a bunch of old calendars, some were used and some not. And I've thought that some of these must work again in future years, but I never worked hard at it.  I guess this is good for recycling and trees, but not so good if you have a capitalist society where spending boosts the economy. 

But knowing that people have put all sorts of information onto the web, and Google helps us get to these places, I checked yesterday to see what year calendar starts on the same day as 2012. This one is tricky, because it's a Leap Year.

I quickly found Time and Date, a website with a number of potentially useful ways to play with time and dates. One page allows you to pick a year and see all the other years that have the same calendar.  Here's the list for 2012 and beyond.

Please note that holidays will not match exactly.

So,  we have to go back 28 years to George Orwell's ominous 1984 to find a calendar that will match 2012.  Or, if you have a 1956 calendar, that will do as well. 

So I went downstairs and pulled out all the old calendars I could find.  And I actually had a 1984 calendar.  This was given to me by a relative who knew I had an interest in plants.  It's a Wild Flowers of Chile calendar.  (In Spanish and English.)

This turns out to be an unused diary style calendar.  But I imagine if you have a used calendar, it might be interesting to see what you did in that previous year as you mark down this year's events.  You just have to find a distinctively colored pen for this year.

So, if you have a pile of calendars, here are some of the years that will work for the next five years.

Current Year Old Matching Calendar Years
2012 1928, 1956, 1984  (Leap Year)
2013 1985, 1991, 2002
2014 1986, 1997, 2003
2015 1987, 1998, 2009
2016 1932, 1960, 1988  (Leap Year)
2017 1989, 1995*, 2006

*See comments Dec 17, 2016

There are also some interesting patterns.  Leap Years seem to return every 28 years (though after 2096 there's a 12 year bump.)  For the other years, there are lots of 11 and 6 year bumps.

There are a lot of interesting things on Time and Date and they appear to all be free.  Here's some info from their Founder's Page:

About Steffen Thorsen

Steffen Thorsen is the CEO of Time and Date AS, the company that maintains Steffen lives in Sandnes, near Stavanger, Norway.

My company

This site is operated by "Time and Date AS" which is a private Norwegian company.
Steffen and his staff can be contacted at: If you have any queries or comments, email is the preferred way of communication initially.

My intentions with this site

I want this website to be a free, informational, continuously updated and accurate service available all over the world. Over the years, has gone from a hobby project to my primary occupation, which encompasses enhancing and developing new services, as well as responding to emails from users worldwide. However, these are not my only tasks. I have other responsibilities in proactively ensuring that the company meets its annual goals and objectives. As the company’s leader, I am responsible for utilizing, fostering and expanding our resources and ensuring smooth operations within the company. Ultimately, I want to provide value to the people who use this website. The project originally started in 1995, with the World Clock, Calendar and countdown to year 2000 on my old Unix account, which I used when I was a university student. In 1998 and 1999 the services gradually moved to the domain, and the services on the old account were eventually discontinued in 1999. On May 24, 2008, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of You can read about’s 10th birthday, which also provides the history of this website. Also see the history behind The World Clock.


  1. 1979 matches 2012 after Feb. 29 also.

  2. In the coloumn 2017 it's given 2017 will be the same as 1985 which i can prove it's wrong. 2017 jan 1 will be a sunday while jan 1,1985 was a tuesday

  3. Also when leap year calculations are considered 5 years before and 6 years later with the base as a leap year also u get same calendar small diffeerence is jan n feb variation. eg. 2012 would have been the same as 2007 and will be the same as 2018 exc jan n feb as 2012 was a leap year while 2007 and 2018 are non leap years. we can hence derive that 2007 n 2018 are the same calendars.

  4. sudarshan - Good eye! After reading your comment, I looked at the table and thought, 1985 is too close to 1989 anyway, I bet it's a typo and should b e1995. Then I went back to the link and checked for the year 2017. And yes, it should have ben 1995. Thanks! I'll correct the table right away.


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