Monday, December 12, 2011

AIFF 2011 - Inuk Wins Audience Award for Feature - Plays Tonight at 7pm

(l-r) Jean Michel, Ole, Mike thanking everyone for the award

I paced myself to make it through the festival which ended yesterday.  But Best of the Fest is a three day addition where some of the winners are shown again.

Tonight, Audience Award favorite for features Inuk will play at the Alaska Experience Theater at 7pm.

Three of the film makers - the American producer-director Mike Magidson, the French writer Jean-Michel Huctin , and actor Ole-Jørgen Hammeken have been in Alaska this week. They were here for the opening night, then went off to Barrow, and were back for the awards last night.  I'm guessing they'll be at the screening.

This is a powerful film, very relevant to Alaska.  A Greenland Inuit young man is having troubles and gets sent to a shelter for kids with problems in the north.  There he connects with his traditional culture on a seal hunt when he and the seal hunter (Ole-Jørgen Hammeken) connect.

Ole is pretty amazing - he's circumnavigated the arctic in a small boat (over six years I think he said).  I'll try to post a video of him talking about the part from Point Hope back to Greenland.

Or you can go tonight and ask him yourself.    Get there a bit early.  The other two times it played it sold out. 

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  1. It sold out three times. I do not think the filmmakers will be there unless their flights were cancelled like Make Magidson's was last night.


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