Saturday, June 22, 2013

Viewing Friday's Redistricting Board Meeting

Some photos of the meeting and after.

After the meeting, Calista attorney Marsha Davis discusses their map with Board attorney Michael White. Carolyn is working with Calista too and has been there most days I've dropped in during the last two weeks. 

I posted my rough notes of the meeting Friday, right after it ended.

Then I added some of the maps Friday night.   The link has links to the other maps I already posted. 

Above, around the table counter clockwise - attorney Michael White, member Marie Green from Kotzebue, Chair John Torgerson, administrator Mary Core, member Jim Holm, and member Bob Brodie.  Member PeggyAnn McConochie was there by phone.

This was by far the most people I've seen at in this room in the last two weeks.  Mostly this was people turning in maps and attorneys or staff of interested organizations.

[For the record, I photoshopped two photos together - I couldn't get everyone in.  It's a little distorted, but it's pretty much what it looked like with Leonard Lawson on the far right, now in the picture.]

Board members Marie Green, John Torgerson, and Jim Holm looking over the Calista map after the meeting.  I think the large Calista map hadn't been printed off yet and posted on the wall.

Some of the audience looking at the Gazewood & Weiner map after the meeting.  G&W is the law firm representing the Riley plaintiffs, the people who filed the suit against the Board.

Maps in one of the Board member's office.  This gives you a little sense of how much the Board has been through.  

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