Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small Earthquake in Anchorage - 4.4 [Later: 4.0]

Enough of a movement in the house to notice and think about moving, but it ended before I got up.  USGS doesn't have it listed yet - it was about 13 minutes ago (11:20pm).  This follows the warmest day I can remember in Anchorage - it was 88˚F in our backyard this afternoon, but the breeze coming in through the windows is much cooler now.  (I remember temperatures in the 80s, and maybe I'm just suppressing memories of it this warm.*)

The report is up now at USGS  - they're calling it a 4.4 and in the greater Wasilla  area.
*UPDATE June 19, 2013 10:10am - The Anchorage Daily News says the 81˚F recorded at the airport was a record for June 18 and the all time high was 87˚F in 1953, well before we got here.  So my memory isn't that bad.  (The airport is generally cooler - in summer - than other part of Anchorage.)

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