Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fairbanks, Cordova, Kodiak - Board Working On New Districts

I took a break - it was too hot in here and nothing was happening and I had something else to check up on.  I ran into Board Member Bob Brodie in the hall way who said they were debating whether connecting Kodiak and Cordova would be considered compact or whether it would be better to pair Kodiak with part of Homer.  One would be more socio-economically integrated and the other more compact.  Figuring out how the court would interpret things.

They were talking about connecting Cordova and Fairbanks as I sit here.  But all of this is just playing around for now.   The new techs may know GIS but they seem to have lot of catch-up to do with redistricting. 

Board Attorney Michael White was in the room when I got back here, but he's gone now.  Back to Chair Torgerson and the three techs.

They seem to be getting ready for a lunch break.  They've shut down the projectors and are walking out. 

[I can't get the preview in Blogger to work now, so I can't see what the post will look like before I post it. But this is pretty short and no pictures so it should be ok.]

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