Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Other Two Draft Options Since They Aren't On The Redistricting Website Yet [UPDATED WITH LINK TO MAPS]

[UPDATE 4:30pm :  Just an email from the Board:
Due to unforeseen issues with the Redistricting Boards WEB page, we are providing access to the Board unadopted draft plans through Google Drive.

Please click of the following link:
You can get the maps here in all sorts of formats. ]
 [UPDATE 7:00pm:  What the email didn't say is that easier links to the maps, stats, and GIS files are available on the main page here. (June 20 entry if you read this later.)]

Yesterday, a board member asked why I was taking pictures of the plans they had on the wall at the work session, since they were putting them up on their website that afternoon.

"Well, I'll have them up right away and I can direct people to find them on your website, since people won't know that's what your doing.   Nothing's been posted on the Draft Plans page for a long time, so why would they know to look there?  It would help to have an announcement on the home page directing them there."  I was also thinking, "Let's see if your webguy really gets them up today."

Well, I'm pleased to say that announcement is on the home page, but unfortunately, as I write this, almost 24 hours later, none of the draft options are up yet on the website. 

When Taylor Bickford was still working for the Board, he was in charge of the website.  Not much has been done with it since he left.  Though one of the best parts of it have disappeared - mainly the the long list of court documents that made it easy to see all that had been filed by the Board and the various challengers and the Court decisions.

The lack of updates and the missing court documents were noted in Judge McConahy's last order, because the Fairbanks North Star Borough had mentioned them in their amicus brief.  From McConahy's order:
"FNSB contends that the Board is not providing public notice of its meeting in a consistent fashion and is no longer using its website to post court pleadings and has not updated its Facebook page and Twitter accounts since 27 August 2012"
As good as websites and Facebook pages might be, you need to keep them up-to-date and that takes time as this blogger can tell you.

Recently the Board, perhaps in response to the judge's mentioning it, has hired (or contracted or just made an agreement, I'm not sure which) to have Michael Soukup in the Governor's office update the website.

So, until the higher resolutions copies are online, here are the next two - Option E done by tech Ray and Option F done by tech Erin.  (Of course if someone with a little aesthetic sense had thought this through, Erin's would have been Option E.)

Options A, B, and D were posted yesterday here.  I figured I'd get that much up and alert people to check for the others.  But since they still aren't up, I'll post them so you can see them.  [The Draft Plans Drop Down menu is no longer working, which I'll take as a sign that Michael is working on it.]  And close ups of Southeast on all five options were posted here.  Option C had been pulled for more work and they weren't sure if it would be used or not.  

Board Draft Option E
Board Draft Option E

Board Draft Option E - Anchorage

Board Draft Option E - Fairbanks

Board Draft Option E - Kenai

Board Draft Option E - Matsu/ER

Board Draft Option F

Board Draft Option F (Erin)

Board Draft Option F - Anchorage

Board Draft Option F - Fairbanks

Board Draft Option F - Kenai

Board Draft Option F - Matsu/ER

And, as I said above, close ups of Southeast on all five options were posted here.

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