Sunday, June 02, 2013

Fracking California

I took this picture in a Turkish restaurant where we stopped for a snack as we arrived in San Francisco Thursday. 

Today's New York Times gives some context to it.  

". . . By all accounts, oilmen and farmers — often shortened to “oil and ag” here — have coexisted peacefully for decades in this conservative, business friendly part of California about 110 miles northwest of Los Angeles. But oil’s push into new areas and its increasing reliance on fracking, which uses vast amounts of water and chemicals that critics say could contaminate groundwater, are testing that relationship and complicating the continuing debate over how to regulate fracking in California. . ."
I've got lots of processing to do from the PATNet conference, so I'm just going to give you a snippet of the Times article and you can read the rest at the link if you like.  And here's  SF Bay Guardian article takes a stronger stand (and has a map).  It begins:

Fracking changes everything

It's toxic. It's contributing to climate change. And it's happening all over California — with little regulation

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