Friday, June 28, 2013

Roger Jenkins - Start At Compass Points; Peter Goldberg - Here to Compliment the Board

Roger Jenkins after testifying
 [These two are out of order.  I was trying to get the pictures up and posted a couple of others before them.  Probably nearer to John O'Day.] 

Roger Jenkins, Anchorage LIO.  I have some general comments.  Geographer from UW in 1970 had equal contiguous districts - seven, seven, and three.  Start from points of the compass and work toward the center.  Center in Alaska is Anchorage.  I liked your last plan and could follow it nicely.  See some of the same things coming into all these.

 Downtown, Spenard, Sandlake, not compact and contiguous.  Your plan last year had some interesting things.  I suggest districts 36,37.38.39 could be change simply.  Option B would put 36 with Aleutians and if started in 38 and 39, because 39 starts way over in Chitina, if just up Yukon to Nome and took south of that going down to Chignik, 38 and that ends up with a Calista 37 district and as much of river delta.  I think it balances out I really appreciate your efforts in all this.  My perspective  - not that you don't have the contraints of the VRA you could draw nice districts.  To the extent that you get away from square districts in Anchorage you won't fit the rules.  Haven't had a chance to look at them all.


Peter Goldberg:  Resident of ER.  Sure your board hears its share of complaints.  I won't.  Think you did the right thing waiting for SC to register.  I understand some of ER shifted to Chugiak.  I think you did a good job.  Sometimes people need a compliment.

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  1. Roll out the drones, we need a good showing to make it appear as though we're actually doing our job.

    (...truth is, we're going to muck it up again.)


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