Friday, June 28, 2013

Kelly Walters - Board's Incompetence Led To Supermajority/ Schulte Likes AFFER

Kelly Walters
Kelly Walters - Anchorage.  Can't say I'm pleased to be here, over the footdragging, incompetence, footdragging.  I think it was partisan, gerrymandered, I feel elections important.  The Board failed to make plan legally for 2014, which resulted in Republican supermajority which resulted in illegal legislation
SB 21 and the Cruise ship law which usurped the citizens initiative
Secondly, questioning myth that Democrats did this before.  The last Board was three unaffiliated, one Democrat and one Republican.  They were challenged and we had a legislature that PPT was passed and Corrput bastards and Bill Allen.

I hope we can move forward and can produce a Constitutional election.

Torg:  Thank you Mr. Walters for your testimony.  Time now 3:51 we'll stand at recess. 

Bruce Schulte - phone - voter in South Anchorage.  Thank the Board for waiting for SC decision.  Briefly, live in 21.  Redistricting well formed, and state constitution.  Support AFFER plan, and from my perspective as voter and layman, think it's good.

Torg; 3:55 and Board is in recess. 

Torg:  It's now 4pm and we will return until Monday at 12pm in Fairbanks.  Adjourned until Monday. 

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