Friday, June 21, 2013

Alaska Redistricting Board's Draft Options C and G and the Four Third Party Maps

One of the effectst of not having an executive director is that the Board can't get the website to do what little even the Board wants it to do:  post the maps of the options.  They are all sitting in huge files at a GoogleDrive page.  You have to download all of files for each map - including all the GIS files needed to put them on the mapping software the Board is using.  All this kind of stuff was getting up on the Board's website quickly and easy to use formats when they had an executive director last year.  And let's hope that by 2020, there will be software that's free and available for anyone who wants to try doing their own maps.

So, here's what I'm doing here.  I've already put up the Board's Options A, B, D,  and E and F.  in earlier posts.

So in this post I'm going to put up
  • Board Draft Option C and
  • Board Draft Option G here and
the third-party options from
  • AFFER (Republicans), 
  • Gazewood-Weiner (attorneys for the Riley Plaintiffs in Fairbanks and the Democrats have had involvement with this map), 
  • Calista (Native Corporation who used the same GIS guy as the AFFER group), and
  • Ketchikan Borough (who just did a Southeast Alaska map).

I've put these files on SCRIBD which should make them easier to see than the earlier ones.  (Plus they were PDF files and much bigger than the previous ones.) (There's no enlargement option when I tried this on the blog, but you can click on the linked heading of each map and go to the map on SCRIBD where you can enlarge it.)

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  1. Thanks for the recent stories/info regarding the redistricting meetings. From Sitka.


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