Friday, June 28, 2013

Brian Blessington Wants NE Anchorage Consistent and Lois Epstein Wants Assumptions Of All the Maps

They start and stop as people show up or call in.  Trying to catch up.  

Brian Blessington  - recent UAA grad, questioning NE districting Muldoon consistency, not to redistrict away from our education centers.
White:  ????

3:28, we'll stand in recess.

Lois Epstein - Anchorage engineer.  Last time board rejected mycomments for a
non-partisan map.  The court has thrown it out.  Undercuts Boards support from public.  I asked the Board basis for the map, I was told the Constitution.  Asked why the differences between the map told it was too complicated.
I do GIS as part of my work.  Board needs to use first Borough boundaries.  Most important.  After key house and then Senate districts.  Then the boards can deal with discrepencies int he number and then SE integration.

All assumptions for drawing the maps including those by outside parties, should be made clear.  A professional should work on these instead of having untrained doing this.  I urge the Supreme Court and governor to appoint a special master for this process. 

Recess.  There's about 20 minutes left.  You could call in if that's not enough time to get here.  I think this number should get you through:  1-855-463-5009

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