Sunday, June 09, 2013

Some Random Shots I Didn't Get To Post - Pelicans, My Sweetie, Glaciers, And Denali

As you can tell from the last post, I'm stalling here.  The weather's much too nice and I'm still letting the redistricting board meeting process in my head.  And I've got tasks to do after being away ten days.  And we had house guests arrive the day after we got home. 

But I do have some pictures to share that didn't fit in anywhere else. 

A pair of pelicans at Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland.  I left my new camera home on the trip - too big and bulky to lug around - so these are all with my trusty pocket sized Powershot.

I had a date in downtown Seattle between flights with my sweetie and her mom.  And no, my wife doesn't mind at all.  Like last time, I almost forgot to take pictures.  We were having much too good a time.  

 And this is looking back down at the scene of our tryst as we start back to Anchorage.  I thought about rotating this picture, but there really is no 'right' way up.  This is what I saw.  

While the sun was below the horizon when we left Seattle, it's June, and it was still up in Anchorage three hours later.  Here, we're over Prince William Sound, a couple of glaciers, on our approach to Anchorage.

And the mountain was out very clear - even with this camera.  Foraker on the left, Denali on the right, 150 miles to the North.  

And it's been sunny and warm - pushing 70˚F - and the mosquitoes are out in force. 


  1. She's a cutie pie! You do know that she must have 100+ kisses per day to grow properly, right?

    1. Well, I made sure she had enough for the next two months.


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