Friday, June 21, 2013

Board Meets - Accepts 7 Board Options, Four Private Options in 30 Minute Meeting

I'm going to post this quickly. These are raw notes. I'll proof them later and also add some photos of the new maps in another post. 

Roll call - all here - PeggyAnn McConnochie by phone.

White:  Court adopted our schedule as the Court ordered scheduled.  Issues was never that, whole public hearing thing, couldn't believe ordered to do so.  After court finished with process, whole litigation process starts anew.  Based upon historical proceedings on remand and article VI of Constitution, Board doesn't believe right interp.  Should be remand as in the past.  After we adopt one of these or if Section 5 thrown out, people would be able to challenge, but wouldn't start over , with petitions, .  . . so we're seeking final approval from SC to lodge this appeal.

PeggyAnn McConnochie:  moves to

Brodie:  I understand limited application to court to determine how they interpret the Constitution on this.
White:  What process is required - Court thinks we're starting anew.  Our interpret.  people can challenge, filed a few days after adopted.  Eight or nine people replied.  Same as 2001.  Not go back and do whole new trial.
Torgerson:  Questions

Motion approved 5-0.

Item 5:  Approval of draft plans.  There are seven board draft plans.  Walk through with a little explanation.
A:  Valdez to Matsu, similar to some other plans
B:  Utilizes Valdez population, Richardson Highway, Girdwood, South Anchorage
C:  Bob's -
Brodie:  Major difference is Western Alaska, instead of getting 5 districts and combine with urban.  4 districts.  Kept all boroughs whole, split minimally those that had excess population in house districts.
D:  Torgerson:  Takes North Slope Borough down to Canadian border.  Different approach
E:  From one of our GIS techs, (Ray) takes PWS and Yakutat to Chugiak.  Larger Bethel district.
F:  Another person on loan drew:  North Slope divided, NWAB and takes more Yukon River and creates district on Canadian Border to Aniak, relatively large district.  Takes pop from Chugach to Valdez.
G:  Same as A in Rural.  Major difference is Matsu and Anchorage same as Proclamation

So seven options, I'd recommend the Board take them all to hearings.

Brodie:  I move to adopt them for public hearings.
Green:  I second
McConnochie:  Wonderful idea.
Torgerson:  Discussion?
Green:  I appreciate what we've received so far.  That we have that type of data.  Looking forward to hearings, especially looking forward to hearing from rural Alaskans.
Torgerson:  There are some strikingly similar districts and some totally different.
Roll call vote:  5-0 yes.  Adopt plans A-G

Torgerson:  Now to Private plans - all are posted except Calista. [White drew a map on the board.]
Gazewood and Wiener (Wallerie works for this firm)
Partial from Ketichikan Borough - Ketchikan-Craig

Three complete statewide plans and one regional plan.

Brodie:  I move we accept the three complete and one regional plan and take them to public hearings for discussions.
McConnochie seconded.

[Calista gave White a small version.]  Torgerson:  It's being printed off.
I'm not aware of any other plan.  Marie you said SE has a plan?
Green:  That's what I was told.  I haven't heard anything since.
Torgerson:  If you want to add the SEAlaska plan - the deadline was noon - but . . .
Green:  ???
Torgerson:  Motion to adopt the three plan and Ketchikan Regional plan [not SE].
5-1 approval

Torgerson:  We had a little issue with the website yesterday.  I apologize.  I told people we'd have it up by Wednesday but didnt' get up til yesterday.  In the process of hiring a website firm.  None of us know how to do this.  There is a link to Google drive.  As soon as Eric can, we'll have the third party plans up.
Brodie:  Just want to think everyone who participated int he last two weeks, when the air conditioning was off and we had subtropical heat.  It was hard, thank everyone who pitched in.
Holm:  Thanks for the hard work.  Eric especially worked hard.
First day in 15 without fans running.  Silence is deafening.
Next meeting June 28 at Anchorage LIO, then July 1 in Fairbanks, July 2 in Juneau.

We'll be working 5,6,7 - we'll have a majority but not all members and will work if we need.
White:  Board needs to make steps to do steps 2 and 3 of the Hickel process - Court ordered.  I hated coming over here last week.  Everyone working hard.

Torgerson:  No other discussion we'll adjourn this meeting

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