Friday, June 28, 2013

ARB - Photos 2 - Calista team, Valdez Mayor, Aleutians East, Native American Rights Fund, Sen. Meyer, Brian Hove

The Calista team - (l-r) Tom Begich, Marcia Davis, and Steve Colligan.

ADN reporter Rich Mauer in the background.

Valdez Mayor David Cobb after testifying.  Board members (sitting) Bob Brodie and PeggyAnn McConnochie and ADN photographer Erik Hill (standing) in the background.

Aleutians East Borough rep Ernie Weiss after testimony.  This adds, in the background, Board Chair John Torgerson in the blue shirt and attorney Michael White. 

You can also see the transcriber on the left. 

Natalie Landreth of the Native American Rights Fund.  She pointed out to the Board that though Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is not in force now, Section 2 is.  And contrary to some media reports Section 2 does not require intent.  It too is evaluated on impact on protected groups. 

Senator Kevin Meyer testifying.  He likes the AFFER map. 

Brian Hove of Anchorage District 19, liked AFFER revised map. 

There's more on each of these folks testimony in previous posts.  I'll try to get the pictures into those posts, but this will have to do for now.  There's about 15 minutes left. 

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