Friday, June 28, 2013

Redistricting Board Public Testimony Photos 1 - Beginning And AFFER Maps

Stacks of the plans - there were 11 that were accepted at last weeks meeting.  Then there were three more added as of yesterday.  And then apparently there were a couple more today. 

The audience a little after 10am. 

Randy Ruedrich getting tech help the computer ready for his powerpoint of the AFFER plan.

Larry DeVilbiss, Mayor of Matsu testified along with Randy Ruederich in favor of the AFFER plan. 

AFFER Revised statewide plan.  You can click and enlarge this.

AFFER Revised Anchorage Plan

AFFER Revised Fairbanks Plan

There was strong emphasis by the AFFER folks on how they kept the deviations (in population from one district to another) extremely low.  I think it was 1.44% overall.  This is a good thing in terms of 1 person 1 vote, but since they were allowed up to 10% statewide overall last time, it seems that as long as it's under 4 or 5% over all it should be fine and deviation shouldn't overshadow other issues.  However, I haven't had a chance to look at the plans carefully to see the impact.  And there is no analysis of the maps.  No one has said or been asked how the plans affect incumbents which is really a question that everyone has. 

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