Friday, June 28, 2013

A Few More - Deborah Williams, SJ Klein, and David Morgan

Deborah Williams - Representing myself.  Have lengthy history with process and Rights Coalition.  A few remarks:
1.  Make sure Board includes as one option, the last map that the Rights Coalition included and happily read in the the newspaper that you are still accepting submissions.  It meets the Constitutional requirements and I still believe it is the best one available.
2.  All suffer from C problems.  None of the Board options have intact Matsu and Kenai - split when you need not.  Entitle to 5 intact and Kenai to 3 intact.  Don't think any of your plans witll be found constitutiona.
Couldn't find analysis to support your plan.  You have so many plans ont he table,  Very diversionary, hard to focus on aplan.  If you continue, narrow to one or two and give plan an opportunity to give public hearing to talk of those plans.  Not meaningful without analysis and with short time to see the plans.
Really think it is time for a master.  So many problems including not hiring a qualified executive director.  I hope court says best move is to hire a master.
Our consitution and state best served by having board step aside and having a master. 

SJ Klein - President of Fairview community council, but not representing them.  Specifically with plan A splits our neighborhood down Hyder.  One of the historic neighborhoods in Anchroage, community council, redistricting in way that splits us among several districts does us great harm and would recommend against.  We have two issues
1.  SE disadvantaged area.  Desire to have a rep that takes needs of entire neighborhood into account
2.  Line right through Hyder, splits neighboor in half, conflict between two reps in one neighborhoo.  One rep having one view and the other another where both should be together.  CC hasn't yet taken up the issue, but anumber of us want to be one contiguous neighborhood.  I appreciate opportunity to testify. 
Exec Board first thursday in July. 
Torg:  Send us your testimony when the council meets, thank you.

David Morgan - LIO - 2170 STanford Drive, Rogers Park cc member.  Looking at AFFER map you are adding a few more voters into 15.  I don't see any problem with that I've worked on elections.  Not too much problems.  A few people showed up at wrong places.  You are adding just a few people to our district, I think from 13.  It's minor.  Less than three minutes.

STand at ease until next testifier. 

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