Friday, June 28, 2013

Redistricting Board Public Hearing Anchorage - Ketchikan Wants Prince of Wales - live blogging

Got here a little late, but meeting hadn't started.  Chair announced the situation - approved of 7 Board options and three private options plus Ketchikan.  Then they got three more from Calista and AFFER.  And another today

[Basically Ketchikan wants part of Prince of Wales Island.]

Ketchikan - Dan

Carefully consider the 8 page letter.  All to happy to provide additional information and supporting materials.  As I understand rules of redistrict, especially in the hickel process, contiguity, one-person one vote etc.  Similar to Board Option A.

Torg:  When we had hearings in Prince of Wales - they said they didn't want PoW divided.  Have you talked to them about this? 

Dan:  We have not.  It is mathmatically impossible 1 person 1 vote.  Population characteristics impossible to keep Prince of Wales intact.  VRA change is certainly a game changer.  We have very strong ties to Metlakatla and PoW.  More than with northern communities on the island.  I understand PoW desire to keep all communities int he same election district.  It just can't happen in my opinion, given

Torg:  Have you looked at map G?
Dan:  Mostly A
Torg:  Option G does keep PoW in one piece, so please look at that and give us your opinion. 

AFFER - Mr. Ruedrich
[He's setting up his powerpoint - there's a break here so I'll post this for now.]

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