Monday, June 03, 2013

1913 Cadillac, Lazy Geese, And Other Lake Merritt Run Encounters

We're staying with friends in Oakland and I ran down from their house around Lake Merritt and back.  It's a beautiful day and here are a few shots.

Oaktown Art says:

"This is actually Alameda County’s Fifth Courthouse. The fourth was a real stunner, built in the Parisian Second Empire Style with a domed central tower and four miniature corner towers… see historical photo below. It was opened in 1875, located between 4th and 5th Streets at Broadway, and for over 50 years served “as a powerful symbol of the importance and wealth of what was then California’s fourth most populous county.” Sadly, it fell out of favor before the modern historic preservation movement and was ultimately replaced and eventually demolished. (Courthouse historical placard)" [The link has a picture of the demolished court house.  It was pretty spectacular.]

Guitarist embraced by eucalyptus tree

I couldn't help thinking that these Canada Geese were a bit lazy, hanging out here in Oakland instead of going on to Alaska with the others.  But, we're probably better off without all of them coming our way.  

I'm afraid my shot of the Scottish Rites Temple was too bright to see all the carvings and even the name.  And I'm getting hints to get off of here so we can go on our afternoon sightseeing to the Rosie the Riveter Visitor Center.  Here's a link to the Scottish Rites Temple Oakland website.

This picture is for my friend Des who comes from Hunan originally.

I took the wrong turn going back and asked for directions from this gentleman who was working on his 1913 Cadillac (yes, that makes it 100 years old) in his garage. 


  1. You were only 344 miles from my house and you didn't even call?! [;->

    I actually was in Oakland last Thursday (Go Giants!); were you there?

    Professor Bill Butler (ret)
    Ashland, OR

  2. Thank you for visiting Oakland! This coming Sunday we are celebrating the just-completed remake of the southeastern part of the lake, formerly 12th Street, now Lake Merritt Boulevard, which used to be a 12-lane 1/2 mile-long freewayish kind of thing. Lake M. is a major stopover on the western flyway, and in the winter, among the thousands of ducks, we see five types of grebes. (It's brackish salt water, connected to the Bay, with lots of mussels on the bottom.)

    Naomi in Oakland


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