Friday, June 28, 2013

Leila Weisz Is Upset; Jerry Ahwinona Wants a Fair Process and Thanks The Board

Leila Weisz - regular citizen who votes.  My confidence in this process is low.  Not an attorney, but it seems like you're making it harder than it used to be.  Looks more and more like political gerrymandering.  ADN says time for a master.  Court is your boss.  You've been fighting them.  Instead of arguing with them and dragging your feet.  If you'd been an employee you would have been fired long ago.
You're understaffed.  You should have hired an executive director.  The woman army veteran you rejected was perfect.  The paper made it sound like you rejected her because she was a Democrat.
I appreciate  the opportunity to express my opinion.

Torg: next

Jerry Ahwinona - from Anchorage on behalf of myself.  Thank the board for taking public testimony, I appreciate your efforts and wish they will be fruitful and redistricting fair and equitable and that the Board takes concerns of public and we have a fair 2014 election.  that we can agree on a fair map.  Last effort ... Voting Rights Act, but this year more focused on Constitutional aspects of our redistricting.  Thank the board for their service and have a great day.

Torg:  2:51 and we'll go on recess and get back as people show up. 

These were both by phone. 

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