Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There Can Be Civil Disagreements

Last week I chided fellow blogger Phil Munger because I thought his name calling and language choices seemed to do more harm than good in his quest to interpret events through his vast experiences in different field. 

It's not the first time I've suggested the left needn't copy the tactics of rightwing talk radio.  I think the left needs to stand up and challenge every distortion and error, but you can be firm and polite at the same time. 

Phil reposted my post and one by another Anchorage blogger Mel.  And while we offered criticism of what he was doing (not of him), he took our comments graciously and has responded with a new post.  While some of the comments over there did not rise to the same level, many were thoughtful as well. 

Phil has every right to post what and how he wants.  But as I said last week, what someone can do and what they should do are not necessarily the same thing.  While I think Phil came to the right conclusion, I'd feel the same whatever decision he came to.  My real concern is that he handled the criticism with grace.   Thanks Phil. 


  1. You're welcome. And thanks for participating so willingly in what was sometimes a strange set of exchanges, both on stage and behind the curtain.

    Wish I could be down there in JNU with you. At least for a few days.

  2. steve,

    off topic

    Have you pursued the security breach story in any more depth ?

    The state seems to be only interested in what they can get out of their settlement with Price Waterhouse and the question of what may or may not be in the best interests of those who had their information compromised isn't being, as far as I can determine, being adequately addressed.

    The letter you got offering you options to opt into the supposed settlement have a number of downside risks should you become convinced you should opt in.

    Without there being a discussion of those downside risks, people who had their information compromised may be compromising future avenues of addressing their possibly plight.

    The offer, as it stands, is very inadequate to address the liability of those who are at risk because of the possible exposure to identity theft.

    The offer is very beneficial to PriceWaterhouse, and the state, not to mention offering up 77,000 new 'customers' to Equifax, who is probably drooling over the chance to attempt to retain a certain percentage of those 77,000 beyond the two year offering.

    No one seems to be organized to speak for those who have been exposed. The attorney general and the state seem to be working their angle, the legislature is off on a tangent, concerning themselves with minor issues that aren't relevant to those who were exposed.

    Who is looking out for our interests ?

    No one I've found. What do you know ?

  3. the left needs to stand up and challenge every distortion and error, but you can be firm and polite at the same time. 

    "The left" is a broken record that is stuck on Palin and refuses to move on to another topic, oh say, like Don Young or Lisa Murkowski or even Mark Begich for that matter.

    Especially Mark Begich.

    There's still a lot of hay to be made from Palin, and as long as that tapewormistic synergy exists between Palin and her blogger detractors, nothing will change.


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