Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Local Food Comes to the Capitol

Ted came by and got me out of the staff/public lounge where I was trying to write up a post on the morning hearing on the Iran Divestiture bill.  (It will be up soon)  There was a must attend lunch being sponsored by the Alaska Farm Bureau.  I didn't know we had one.  But I'm always looking for a good photo op, especially one with free food.  There were people lined up in the hall to get in.  This was not your typical lobbyist lunch and learn sandwiches and chips.  The menu had gone around and had done its job.  

People were here for the Alaska grown prime rib and the elk meatloaf.  Not exactly vegetarian fare, but surely there was more than that.  They promised to hold my place in line while I went in to scout it out with my camera.  Here's Rep. Neal Foster learning about Alaska grown food.

This is a room in the Thomas Stewart Building connected to the Capitol building by a second floor bridge.  The building just opened in January.  

Chef Rob Kineen of Orso slicing the elk meatloaf.  I think he was on the panel after the movie Ingredients was shown at UAA in December, but I'm not 100% sure.

Bernie Karl of the Alaska Farm Bureau tells me what this is all about.  With a little help at the end from Victoria Naegle of Wasilla. 

Enjoying lunch.


I'm pretty sure this is squash cake with Alaska whipped cream on top. 


I didn't starve - there was a potato salad, an apple slaw, and vegie dessert.

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