Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Does Rain in Juneau After All

We've had so much comfortable weather, Juneau's rainforest reputation was in jeopardy.  But we've had rain each day since Sunday.  But it's not too hard and the temperatures are comfortable (30s and low 40s).  See, I'm even too tired to convert that to C.  Just above 0˚C.


I'm stalling.  Yesterday I did too much and stayed up too late.  I've got stuff to post, but it's not quite ready.  Also trying to take care of day to day stuff.  Fortunately I have an incredible wife.  She got me a new cell phone today after I put mine through the washer and drier over the weekend.  It did light up and I did make some calls, but the battery was dead and they said they didn't have that kind of battery any more.  I can't fight them any more, so just said ok.   And we have a friend in Anchorage who just underwent serious surgey and trying to get J some tickets to spend some time with her, but also have a relative in LA who is also awaiting surgery and was hoping J would come down.  But that keeps being postponed since end of November.  Our daughter left for her six month fellowship in Berlin today and we've been looking for tickets to visit her.  So, you get some rain pictures.  But I'm working on several posts. 

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  1. We have had much less precipitation this year - it's almost hard to imagine how buried in snow we were this time last year, and the one before that. If in this El Nino warm winter we had all that sky fall again - we'd be floating around instead of driving and walking.

    At least the peak hiking this summer should be great. Low snowfall makes early treks above tree line something to look forward to! Someday come back and visit us in the summer - Juneau's trail system is amazingly wonderful if you are a hiker, whether casual or intense.


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