Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sorry about the audio, I've turned off the autostart

The Gavel to Gavel embedded audios in the last two days, unfortunately, were set to start playing audio automatically. I had this problem once before with a video but it was a while back and I had to go look up how to turn it off.

It's really not to hard. Just look in the embed code. It will say 'autostart' somewhere followed "true." The true makes it turn on automatically when someone opens the page. You just have to replace the "true" with "false" and then people have to click on it to start it.

It's a real pain - especially on blogs - and I'll try to talk to the Gavel to Gavel folks and get them to change the embed codes so it doesn't go on automatically. For more information about the codes, this Apple tutorial makes it easy.

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