Saturday, February 06, 2010

Juneau First Friday - Juneau Douglas City Museum

From the Holy Trinity Church we walked a few more blocks over to the City Museum where the 12X12 show was opening. This is the show where all the entries have to be 12 inches by 12 inches. All were at least fun and a few were terrific.

[From top to bottom, left then right:  Noelle Derse - A Boy's Dream;  Clare Brooks, Woodland;  Megan Eagle, Computer Age of Nothing; Jeff Brown, Maze;  Joanne Sam, Untitled; Andrew Moeser, Albatross] [My dilemma was that I got home and realized a couple of the titles weren't clear.  Do leave all the info off?  That didn't seem right.  Maybe someone will fill in the blanks in the comments.  Otherwise I'll go back to the museum and fix it later. Done.]

This one by Fumi Matsumoto recalling the World War II Japanese internment camp at Manzanar  showed more originality than most. 

And this one by Cameron Byrnes seemed to attract the most attention while I was there.

But for me, the absolute standout was this one:

Rachel Juzeler's Hidden Work Series:1989, w/ fortunes.  I realize that there may be a lot of folks who really scratch their heads over this one.  "But what is it?"  This one is for people whose brains don't demand everything be served up in instantly recognizable packages, who like being challenged with the unexpected, and who can appreciate the shapes, the colors, the forms.  A dynamite piece.

The food was provided by the Juneau Dental Society and I was impressed.  It was basically healthy.

But then I went into their exhibit.  Oh dear.  Maybe at a trade show. But this was a museum. The Mouth Power exhibit logo was fine, and I expected something with artistic taste, not some tired commercial art.  Reminded me that most of the stuffed bears in glass boxes at the Anchorage Airport were shot by dentists. 

But the kids did seem to enjoy playing dentist.


  1. Dentists sublimate their aggression by shooting animals, Steve. Thought you should know...

    On another front, Gene and I just got back from seeing the latest work by Peter Brook at the Barbican. Good to be in London, too, even if it's not Juneau!

  2. The top left 12X12 is prob. by Noelle Derse.

  3. IJ, Thanks for reminding me. I went by Sunday but they aren't open Sunday, and I forgot. I'll try to check that and the Maze tomorrow.


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