Thursday, February 04, 2010

Amazingly Beautiful Juneau

I'm sorry.  I can't help myself.  Everyday when I first look out the window, I'm surprised again at how beautiful it is here.  Whether it's cloud shrouded or sunny, it's always breathtaking.  Here's what I saw as I left for an 8am committee meeting this morning.  It made me think of all the rosy fingered dawns I read about long ago in The Odyssey. 

Then, as I got close to the Capitol Building - about 2 minutes later - the sun was kissing the peaks across the channel while the lower levels were still enfogged.

And after HB 76 was passed out of the State Affairs Committee (more on that in the next post) I kept seeing glimpses of the mountains and clouds through windows in the Capitol as I wandered around talking to people.  Since the sun was out and since I left without breakfast this morning because the alarm didn't go off, I decided I just had to go outside and walk home for lunch.

In the foreground is Capitol Park, just behind and to the east of the Capitol building. Our apartment is in a house the next block above those houses and one block to the right.  And, of course, that's Mt. Juneau in the back, with the light and clouds and snow constantly rearranging the view. 

And another view of the mountain from our place, with a little boost from the telephoto.  The spectacular beauty of this place is addictive. 

And a little early lunch in the sun of our kitchen table. 


  1. Enjoy the sun while it lasts. The clouds are coming.

  2. I have been watching the sun set over the Channel Islands and sometimes see the sunrise if the cat doesn't mess up my sleep to much. The other night, there was a neon pink patch over Santa Cruz Island. It's addictive here, too.

  3. I know. After spending time in Southeast years ago and flying back into Anchorage, I said to myself, 'Why am I living here when I could REALLY live by the sea and mountains?'


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