Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sen Coghill Helping Reporter Chris Eshleman on Trauma Bill

[The video is taking forever to load, so I'm going to post this and add the video when it's done, probably within the hour.  Consider this a preview.  The video is ... well I describe it below.]

I've got a whole slew of posts to do, but I was too busy being there to get anything up until now, but there's more on the Iran divestment bill (HB 241) which did NOT pass out of committee today on a 3-3 vote, 4H'ers in town learning about the legislature, the Alaska Farm Bureau's lunch for legislators, Rep. Harris' mandatory winter tire bill (HB 322) and Rep. Doogan's ban on cell phones while driving, plus Hooper Bay student in town for the week shadowing different folks each day.  Not sure how many of these I'll get up, but here's an interesting bit of tape. 

Fairbanks News-Miner reporter Chris Eshleman invited me into the empty Ramona Barnes Conference room as he went in with Senator John Coghill who was explaining to him the intricacies of Senate Bill (SB) 168.  So this video is essentially a behind the scenes recording of a news reporter working on his story with a Senator who wants to get his story out.  

Basically the bill is to set up a fund which will help hospital with their
I'd note that after I turned off the video, Sen. Coghill told us that a big motivation for him on this is the fact that his two year old grandson died of a head trauma in part because it took four hours to get the appropriate doctor to the emergency room in Anchorage.  He assured us that this is not out of bitterness or anger, he understands that they did all they possibly could, but he doesn't want it to happen to others. 

Update Friday:  Here's the article Chris wrote from these sessions.  It begins this way:  

Alaska bill to aid trauma care moves ahead
by Chris Eshleman / ceshleman@newsminer.com 
JUNEAU — A House committee Tuesday advanced plans to create a public account to aid trauma care and, supporters hope, steer major emergency rooms toward better funding for trauma services. . . (click on link above for the rest.)

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  1. I look like I'm about to have a fit trying to understand Sen. Coghill explain this one to me. Always difficult to see oneself on film, like hearing your own voice on the answering machine ...


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