Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cloudy, Icy, Sunny - Juneau has weather for everyone

Our gate goes out to a very steep sidewalk.  Once I hit the sidewalk this morning I started sliding down.  Fortunately, there's a picket fence all the way down to the corner.  (We're on the top corner.)  So I skateboarded (without a skateboard) down the street.  I met our neighbor who was coming out and said, "I'll let you slide by" as I passed her keeping my balance with the picket fence.  It was grey and slightly drizzly.

I went to the State Affairs committee meeting at 8am - I'll try to get something up on that - first new bonding for Veteran Housing Loans and second a bill to put into law what the AG had written in regulation about ethics complaint reimbursements and travel for the Governor's family members - though with changes to plug loopholes and make it clearer (at least that was the intent.)
 Someone lent me a car - the first time I've driven since we got here Jan. 13 - and I took J out to the airport where the sun was shining.  She'll be in Anchorage for a week.  This post is just an excuse to put up more pictures of Juneau.  It's also first time since our first weekend here, that I've been out of the downtown area in the daylight when I could see things.  And I realize we need to go exploring a bit.  As nice as downtown is, there's a whole spectacular bunch of worlds down the road too. 

This one I took almost without looking as I slowed down before getting on the highway from the airport road. I think the dark in front is mudflats. 

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