Friday, February 05, 2010

Juneau First Friday - Holy Trinity

I got an email invitation to walk down the hill a couple of blocks to see the new Holy Trinity Church for the First Friday Art Walk when there was going to be something about puppets.

We passed St. Ann's Parish Hall - where the Holy Trinity Congregation met after the fire - and the last block to the new, not yet completely finished church. Before the fire, Holy Trinity was one of the oldest churches in Juneau.

We got into Holy Trinity in the middle of a puppet show presentation about the puppets of the church, how they were made, and tricks of puppeteering. 


That goat is also a puppet.  

These puppets were in the back of the hall.

And all along a couple of the walls were puppets made by younger members of the congregation.  [kids at the charter school across the street.  A reader emailed that Aaron Elmore, of HT and Theatre in the Rough,  HT's resident theater company was an artist-in-residence at the Charter School and taught them how to make puppets]

The ceiling of the new building is starkly stunning.

More puppets.

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  1. Sorry we missed you. The kids' puppets were actually from the charter school across the street. We can catch up and give you the history part some time.


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