Friday, February 19, 2010

Polaris Students Lobby to Make Malamute State Dog

I met a group of students from Anchorage's Polaris K-12 School at the Capitol who were in town lobbying to get the Alaskan Malamute named the Alaska State Dog.  This campaign has been going for three years and and CS (Committee Substitute) for HB 14 passed the house last April.  Now it is wending its way through Senate committees. 

Here's the bill itself, short and simple.


  1. Alaska has a state fossil and no state DOG! Mush! you senators! Mush!

  2. Someone told the that the Alaska Sleddog Association is opposed to this. I called them this morning but the woman who answered didn't know and I left my number.

    Aren't you glad I'm pursuing really important stuff?


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