Wednesday, December 02, 2015

You've All Heard About The Guy Who Ate A Car, Right?

I was talking to my granddaughter about things and the story about the man who ate a car came to mind.  I was at the computer, so I figured I could get some video of this great feat.

I got something about a Frenchman, but no video.  Then I got the video.

It doesn't take too long to realize this has to be a spoof. First there aren't any pictures.  No way.  Second, they're all too articulate and serious.


But on the same Youtube page was The man who ate a lightbulb.

This guy looks pretty real, though some of the crunching noises sure seem to have been edited in.  My wife was wholly disapproving and my granddaughter and I had a serious discussion about not trying to to this and how dangerous it would be.

Next, there was the man without bones.

OK, this is getting a little weird.  But it is always amazing to me what the human body can do.  And the ways we limit ourselves by saying, 'that's impossible.'

OK, there was one more that seemed more appropriate to an almost three year old:  World's Fastest Reader

I told her she could try doing this.

Then I found this Jalopnik post that says nobody has eaten a car:

"The idea that a person has actually eaten a car is so commonly accepted that I had to figure out why that is. And that why is actually a who, and that who is a Frenchman named Michael Lotito. This is the guy that most people are pretty sure they saw eat a car on That's Incredible or something like that back in the '80s. And they almost did."
He does say that the French guy - who died in 2007 - didn't eat a car.  He went from bicycles and shopping carts to a Cesna 150.

He also concludes the video at the top is a fictional short film.  Which is what I was working on - a list of the shorts in competition for the Anchorage International Film Festival.  So enough of these diversions.

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