Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Seattle Shots Before Limping Back To Anchorage

It's been a good almost two weeks with both kids and the grandkids together for Thanksgiving in Seattle, but my body is not 100%.  My granddaughter's gift of a cough has slowed me down.

This was after a trip to Elliot Bay bookstore the other day, getting back to the ferry.

Taking my son and his family to the airport yesterday we went through total fog down to the water on the ferry, to surreal sun pierced fog with giant tree shadows.  But I was driving so can't show you that.   This was later.  Seatac was in the blinding, early morning sunshine, but going back downtown, there were intermittent pockets of sun and fog.

And unnatural fog.

Here's a different Seattle view from the ferry.

And for people like me, who have searched for unsweetened cranberry juice, it exists.  My son-in-law had some students who make it at Starvation Alley Farms.  It's organic, and I need to mix it about 1/5 cranberry juice and 4/5 water. Mostly they sell it to bars that use it for mixed drinks, but it's also available in a few markets in the Northwest.  I know the name's a bit strange for a food product, but that was the name of the farm before they bought it.

Cards by Lynn

We're excited to get home for the Anchorage International Film Festival that starts Friday.  I'm taking
these last couple of days to catch up a bit on important things that haven't gotten done yet.  Like writing thank you notes to friends of my mom's.  I feel bad about how long this is taking me to do, but it's hard, and I want to let people know how important they've been in my mom's life as well as mine.

And to try to get rid of this cough.

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